About Us

The Phoenix Parks Foundation was established in 1979 to assist the City of Phoenix by enhancing and maintaining an inviting, well-equipped, safe park and preserve system for all to enjoy. Our vision is to inspire community pride and excellence by building public-private partnerships that enhance Phoenix parks and preserves.

The Foundation is a recognized non-profit and tax-exempt organization that depends on contributions to transforming the land into parks and help rejuvenate existing parks back to their original beauty. Since budgetary restraints limit public agencies, private citizens have joined within the foundation structure to facilitate a working relationship between the public and private sector that addresses the financial needs of Phoenix parks and preserves, taking them from great to first-rate.

Our Mission: To support, enhance, and advocate for parks, preserves, and recreational opportunities to sustain a vibrant community.  Please feel free to read our Strategic Plan, which guides us on this mission.


Park Improvements

The Phoenix Parks Foundation takes a hands-on approach to park improvement through initiatives that bring together the resources needed to create and sustain change in parks that are overused and underfunded. Through a mix of volunteer labor, in-kind donations from local contractors, cash donations and grant dollars, the work of the Foundation have resulted in many success stories. These include renovations and improvements to several neighborhood parks in need, such as Arcadia, Moon Valley, and Encanto parks.


Public/Private Partnerships for Special Projects

The Phoenix Parks Foundation recognizes the financial challenges of the Parks & Recreation Department and presents an opportunity to gain support for special park projects that cannot be adequately addressed by the city budget.

Gifts to the Foundation support special projects, studies, plans, environmental review, and other programs in the City of Phoenix, helping to close funding gaps and providing leverage that allows the City to take advantage of special opportunities.

Special parks projects supported by the Phoenix Parks Foundation include Cancer Survivor Park, Fiesta of Lights, Japanese Friendship Gardens, Fabulous Phoenix Fourth, Irish Cultural Center, Camp Colley, Latino Institute, Phoenix After School Centers (PAC) and Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights.