Parks Stewardship Program

Volunteer as a Park Steward

The aim of the Park Steward volunteer program is to give the community a sense of ownership of their desert parks and mountain preserves. The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is seeking a network of volunteer individuals who can help actively monitor and maintain the areas of land that we protect and preserve. With a limited number of Park Rangers on hand to manage the nearly 35,000 acres of public land, Park Stewards are a focal point for land stewardship. By becoming a Park Steward, you will come to learn how to “give back” to these beautiful areas that so many enjoy. Becoming a Park Steward also means having fun, learning new skills, and getting outside.

There are many ways in which you can become a member of the Park Steward team. From being a trail monitor, to maintaining trailhead gates; from assisting with litter pick up, to providing educational information to park users. Park Stewards can even perform their duties while using their own personal equipment such as a bicycle or horse! The possibilities are endless. We invite YOU to share in our commitment to caring for YOUR Desert Parks & Mountain Preserves.

Become part of our team

Park Stewards are a valuable part of our conservation team. They receive identification gear, field training, and continuous support from park staff. In addition to gaining new skills and meeting new people, Park Stewards are recognized for their dedicated volunteer service. The professional integrity and appreciation of a Park Steward parallels that of a Park Ranger and other park personnel.

It’s a privilege…

Taking on the stewardship of an area of Mountain Preserve or Desert Park is a privilege. It is important that the Park Steward take the responsibilities of monitoring their area seriously.

Please submit an application if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Then attend an orientation class to learn more about becoming a Park Steward Volunteer. Upcoming class will be held:

Volunteer as a Park Steward

Park Steward Recruitment Requirements

  • Participants must submit a Park Steward Application (Individual Application or Group/Family Application).
  • Participants must be at least 16 years of age to qualify for the “Individual Application” Park Steward category.
  • Participants must attend an Orientation/Field Training session led by City of Phoenix Park Rangers.
  • Participants must be willing to volunteer a total of 60 hours per year.
  • Participants should be in sound physical health.
  • Individual participants must possess a valid I.D. Card or Driver’s License.
  • A fingerprint or background verification may be required.

Just a few of the benefits of becoming a Park Steward

  • Gain valuable skills & experience for personal & professional enrichment
  • Improve & protect YOUR Phoenix Public Lands
  • Community Service / School credit hours
  • Free Park Steward T-shirt / ID Badge
  • Healthy activities for you and your family
  • Meet new people / Make new friends
  • Set a good example for our children and our community
  • Share your time, skills, and expertise
  • Build self-esteem / Get in Shape
  • Make a difference!

Want more information on the Park Steward Program?

Please contact us at: 

Park Steward Program
Natural Resources Division
2700 North 15th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 495-5458