Mini-Grant Program

The Phoenix Parks Foundation Mini-Grant program provides a method for rewarding the dedication and community involvement of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) employees in the development and care of our parks and preserves as well as enhancing our community parks through citizen and non-profit suggestions.

The intent of the program is to provide small amounts of seed money for small-scale community park improvements or innovations developed by in-line staff in PRD. Applications are submitted directly by PRD employees, City of Phoenix residents and/or community non-profits who serve a City of Phoenix park or facility. Proposals may include projects suggested by park users, identified through interaction with fellow City of Phoenix employees, individual experiences or those developed exclusively by the individual PRD applicant. All projects must meet PRD approval prior to being officially granted.

These funds are available for materials, supplies, contractors and other assistance. Mini-grants are reviewed and selected by the Phoenix Parks Foundation for final approval and authorization of funds. The intent of the Mini-Grant program is to assist the development of small projects; therefore, the maximum amount for individual grants should not exceed $2,500. A minimum of $12,500 will be granted for FY 2019.

Examples of previously submitted proposals include additional trees along Central Ave horse/walk trail, basketball summer camp, an ADA pool lift at Washington Park, camping equipment for Adaptive Recreation Services, new computers for Eastlake Park Community Center, and a youth activity scholarship at Desert West Community Center.

Congratulations to our 2018 Mini-Grant Recipients!

Phoenix Parks Foundation | 2018 Mini-Grant Recipients

Arizona Science Center/Heritage and Science Park

Mini-Grant funds will help seven (7), local teens, to design, build and install three (3) park benches in Heritage and Science Park.  These benches will include LED features to enhance safety and visitor experience in the park.  The teen participants will be from the schools and neighborhoods around the Park and who have an interest in careers that center on engineering and public service. Congratulations Heritage and Science Park, we appreciate your dedication to serving our Phoenix community’s students!

Devonshire Senior Center

Funds from the Mini-Grant will be used to purchase an additional recumbent bike for the Devonshire Senior Center Fitness room.  The fitness room program is currently offered year-round and attracts over 4,000 participants throughout the year.   Frequently. there is a waitlist of participants wanting to use the equipment and the addition of this bike will help increase the availability of exercise equipment to members of the Senior Center.  Congratulations Devonshire Senior Center on providing healthy activities to our community.

Mountain View Community Center

Support from the Mini-Grant funds will be used to purchase furnishings and to update lighting fixtures for the community center to help create a more usable space for additional senior programming. Additional programming will begin in the Spring of 2018 and will benefit seniors in the surrounding community by creating a space for seniors to socialize and enjoy companionship through games and discussions.  Congratulations Mountain View Community Center on your expansion!

Save Our Mountain Foundation/North Mountain Visitor Center

Save our Mountain Foundation is focused on solutions for issues arising with the closure of North Mountain Access Road parking.  Funds from the Mini-Grant will be used to research and design a new access route for a new sidewalk from North Mountain Park parking area to the North Mountain Access Road to allow for the best path for hiking access.  This new link of connectivity will provide hikers access from their parked cars to the new Access Road.  Congratulations North Mountain Visitor Center on finding solutions that best serve the users of our Preserves.

Paradise Valley and Sunnyslope Community Center

Paradise Valley and Sunnyslope Community Center are home to the community feeding program, KIDS Café, provided by Saint Mary’s Food Bank.  In 2017, both centers served a combined total of over 10,000 meals to youth and teens in our community.  KIDS Café plays an important role in the lives of many youth and teens who may have limited access to a daily nutritionally balanced diet.  Funds from the Mini-Grant will be used to purchase two (2) new, larger capacity, and energy efficient refrigerators for each site. Congratulations to Paradise Valley and Sunnyslope Community Center’s and thank you for your continued care for the youth in our community.

South Phoenix Youth Center

Funds from the Mini-Grant will be used to create a mural that represents the distinctiveness of the South Phoenix community.   In partnership with the South Phoenix Youth Center and The Sagrado Art Gallery, teens who attend the South Phoenix Youth Center will incorporate their ideas into the mural.  This project will help with the beautification of the facility and promote creative expression and community pride for our youth.  Congratulations South Phoenix Youth Center and thank you for the important work you do in our community.