Mini-Grant Program

The Phoenix Parks Foundation Mini-Grant program provides a method for rewarding the dedication and community involvement of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) employees in the development and care of our parks and preserves as well as enhancing our community parks through citizen and non-profit suggestions.

The intent of the program is to provide small amounts of seed money for small scale community park improvements or innovations developed by in-line staff in PRD. Applications are submitted directly by PRD employees, City of Phoenix residents and/or community non-profits who serve a City of Phoenix park or facility. Proposals may include projects suggested by park users, identified through interaction with fellow City of Phoenix employees, individual experiences or those developed exclusively by the individual PRD applicant. All projects must meet PRD approval prior to being officially granted.

These funds are available for materials, supplies, contractors and other assistance. Mini-grants are reviewed and selected by the Phoenix Parks Foundation for final approval and authorization of funds. The intent of the Mini-Grant program is to assist the development of small projects; therefore, the maximum amount for individual grants should not exceed $2,500. A minimum of $12,500 will be granted for FY 2018.

Examples of previously submitted proposals include additional trees along Central Ave horse/walk trail, basketball summer camp, an ADA pool lift at Washington Park, camping equipment for Adaptive Recreation Services, new computers for Eastlake Park Community Center, and a youth activity scholarship at Desert West Community Center.

The 2018 Mini Grant Applications are currently being reviewed. Recipients will be announced in the Spring of 2018.

Phoenix Parks Foundation | 2017 Mini-Grant Recipients

Future Stars, INC

Future Stars, Inc. is an organization dedicated to helping students reach their full potential through mentoring, training, financial awareness and school-related resources.  Primarily working with underprivileged students, mentors work with students to set and meet realistic goals to excel academically and athletically. The Hands-on STEM program offers workshops for students to teach them about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Proceeds from our Mini-Grant will help fund their Hands on STEM Fair. This event will be designed by the students, giving them valuable event planning skills, and serve as an opportunity for them to showcase what they have learned. Find out more by visiting their website at Congratulations Future Stars Inc., we are extremely appreciative of your dedication to serving our Phoenix community’s students!


Friends of Hance Dog Park

The Friends of Hance Dog Park (FHDP) is made up of volunteers that strive to foster and support community engagement relating to Downtown Phoenix’s Hance Dog Park. FHDP will be receiving funds from our Mini-Grant to purchase a shade canopy and 4 logo banners. These items will help them increase their visibility during events, including fundraisers and volunteer dog park clean-ups. The shade canopy will also provide valuable protection for volunteers and our four-legged friends during hot days. For more information and to learn how you can get involved with FHDP, visit their website at Congratulations members of FHDP! Thank you always keeping our community members, both human and canine, as a top priority!



Longview Neighborhood Recreation Center: Youth Basketball League

Seeking to support a developing Youth Basketball League, the Longview Neighborhood Recreational Center will receive Mini-Grant funds to help the underprivileged youth with activity scholarships. Many of these boys and girls, ages 9-12, do not have the financial resources to pay for a basketball league. In addition, the grant will also help provide students with their very own jerseys and help hire referees for each game. These new funds are expected to help boost interest in Longview’s basketball league and help create more successful seasons, thus increasing the communal value of the program. Congratulations Longview Recreation Center! Please continue working hard to help our young student athletes!



District 6 Residents: Murphy Bridle Path

On behalf of District 6 residents, the historic Murphy Bridle Path will be receiving a dozen Fan West Ash Trees to help adorn areas of the beautiful trail. Using these funds from the Mini-Grant, organizers hope to not only benefit nearby residents, but also any other visitors that pass by the area, leading to the continued investment and preservation of the path. This beautification project is expected to increase local home values, and help improve the environment of this area which runs along Central Ave. Murphy Bridle Path is a popular destination for joggers, dog walkers, cyclists and many other people who will greatly appreciate the added beauty and shade that these trees will provide. Congratulations District 6 residents, Murphy Bridle Path will remain beautiful for many years to come!


Phoenix Parks and Rec. Natural Resources Division – Park Steward Recognition Dinner

In order to help recognize the outstanding work done by Parks Volunteers, Mini-Grant awardees will be hosting a dinner to recognize their hard work. These volunteer Park Stewards perform countless valuable functions within Phoenix’s parks and preserves. Examples include, tail maintenance, assisting in presentations led by rangers, hiking patrols and many more. With the funding received from the Mini-Grant Program, 55 amazing volunteers will be honored during the diner. The work performed by these individuals is phenomenal and contributes to the great beauty of Phoenix, thank you all for helping make a difference at our Parks and preserves!



Verde Park and University Park – Camp Colley

In order to help underprivileged participants at Verde Park and University Park, Mini-Grant funds will be used to provide them with a three-day camping experience at Camp Colley. Youth will be able to enjoy, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding and various other fun activities. Many of the participants do not have the financial means to attend the camp on their own. This camping trip will be aimed at developing good decision making skills, build independence/self-reliance and a love for nature. Participants will also be receiving the essentials for a camping trip and school supplies for incoming school year. Congratulations Verde Park and University Park!